Redmond Regional may consider a limited number of applications from individuals who are prepared to have a J-1 visa sponsored by the ECFMG, if they currently live in Georgia and have graduated from medical school LESS THAN 24 months prior to the anticipated PGY-1 start date.  In addition, foreign nationals must be approved to pursue graduate medical education training in the United States.

Does redmond support h1 visas?

Redmond NO LONGER SUPPORTS H1b visas.

are observership rotations available at redmond?

Redmond does not currently offer observership rotations.

does redmond offer audition rotations for medical students?

Redmond offers audition rotations for students from affiliated Medical Schools or through VSAS applications.  Students from Schools not affiliated with Redmond can apply for audition rotations and will be evaluated on an individual basis.  There are no guarantees that audition rotations requested from students will be granted as there are a limited number of openings.  Contact Barbara Naymick for further information.

Does redmond take applications or offer positions outside of the match?

Redmond does not take applications  or offer any positions for its Internal Medicine Residency program outside of the ERAS application system and the NRMP or NMS matching programs.