1. Redmond Regional Medical Center’s Internal Medicine Residency is dually accredited, which means that we will ALWAYS have our full cohort of 30 positions (10/year); so there will never be any concerns around future accreditation issues for our program
  2. We will continue our AOA accreditation through 2019 for purposes of entering into the NMS/AOA match to better support our goal of recruiting top tier Osteopathic Medical School graduates
    1. As always, we will have 10 positions available for the 2019 match
    2. 4 of our 10 positions for the 2019 match will be initially committed to our Osteopathic cohort
    3. If enough DO candidates stay in the NMS match, we will secure all 4 for the 2019 match
    4. If a significant enough number choose to move to apply ONLY through the NRMP match, we may reduce that number to less than 4
  3. You can apply to both the AOA/NMS cohort and the ACGME/NRMP cohort for the 2019 match (it will be the last match you can do that)
    1. We historically have about 500 applicants for the former and about 3000 applicants for the latter, so DO candidates have better “odds” in the AOA/NMS match
    2. If you want to participate in our Osteopathic curriculum during residency, you MUST apply and match through the AOA/NMS cohort for the 2019 match
    3. If you are not interested in participating in our Osteopathic curriculum, you can apply through the NRMP only and compete in our allopathic cohort
    4. If you apply and DO NOT match through the AOA/NMS cohort, you can still apply and match through the ACGME/NRMP cohort
    5. If you do match in the AOA/NMS cohort, you CANNOT apply through the ACGME/NRMP to ours or any other allopathic residency program

The prevailing wisdom is that DO candidates who want to continue their Osteopathic training SHOULD apply through the AOA/NMS match if your top choices for residency are either Osteopathic programs (who have received or are pending ACGME accreditation) or dually accredited programs (such as ours). If you do not match through the AOA/NMS match, as mentioned above, you can always fall back on the ACGME/NRMP match and go the allopathic route.

We wish you all the best in your application and interview process and in the match.

Daniel Robitshek, MD, FACP, FACOI, SFHM
Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency