Dr. Christopher KnitigUnder the guidance of Director of Osteopathic Education, Dr. Christopher Knitig and our Osteopathic faculty, our residency program is committed to providing our Osteopathic Residents with exposure and mentoring in Osteopathic principles and techniques.  At the direction of the AOA and the American College of Osteopathic Internists (ACOI), a minimum of 150 hours are purposed for Osteopathic training along with opportunity to engage patients outside of dedicated Osteopathic training.

  • OMM clinic supervised by Dr. Knitig one-half day every +1 week and 1 additional dedicated week totaling up to 136 hours over 3 years
    • Year 1 is mandatory
    • Year 2 and 3 are provided to those residents interested in continuing a career-long utilization of Osteopathic principles and techniques
  • Osteopathic Grand Rounds consisting of a live stream from our affiliated Medical School – Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine – ten per year during Academic Half-Days devoted to Osteopathic education totaling 60 hours over 3 years
  • Dinner with the Professor: monthly dinner meetings at Dr. Knitig’s home to discuss Osteopathic topics and practical application of OMM techniques
    • Both Osteopathic and Allopathic residents are invitedPCOM logo
  • Membership in the ACOI is supported by the program
  • Osteopathic-focused Research and Quality Improvement projects are encouraged for our Osteopathic residents with mentoring from our faculty
  • Faculty and resident development supported by the Georgia Campus of PCOM
Sample schedule of OMM Grand Rounds:

July 20, 2018                          “Inpatient & Outpatient Osteopathic Exam Overview”
August 17, 2018                   “Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment of the Upper Extremity”
September 21, 2018          “Sports Medicine”
October 19, 2018                “Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment of the Lumbar Spine”
November 16, 2018           “Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment of the Thoracic Spine
                                                          and Costal Cage”
January 18, 2019                 “Sacral & Pelvic Workshop”
February 15, 2019              “Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment of the Lower Extremity”
March 15, 2019                    “Evaluation, Diagnosis & Treatment of the Cervical Spine”
April 19, 2019                       “The Economics of OMT”
May 17, 2019                        “Core Competency Review and Certification”

A hand holds a model of a spine