John S. Hostetler, MD

Subspecialty Education Director, Infectious Disease


Undergraduate: Pomona College, BA – Biochemistry

Medical: Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia

Residency: Kaiser Permanente Medical Center/Stanford University, Santa Clara, California – Internal Medicine

Fellowship: Stanford University, Stanford, California – Infectious Disease


Clinical Assistant Professor, Dept. of Family Practice, Mercer University School of Medicine


Fellow, American College of Physicians
Fellow, Society of Hospital Epidemiologists
Member, Infectious Diseases Society of America
Member, Society of Hospital Epidemiologists of America
Member, International Travel Medicine Society


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Book Chapter

Denning DW, Tucker RM, Hostetler JS, Gill SP, and Stevens DA. Oral itraconazole therapy of cryptococcal meningitis and cryptococcosis in patients with AIDS. 1991 p. 305-324. In H. Vanden Bossche et al. (ed.), Mycosis in AIDS Patients. Plenum Press, New York.

John S. Hostetler, MD